Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yolks on you! Some mid-week silliness from Short Girl

Q: What are the strongest days of the week?

A: Saturday and Sunday, the other days are weak days.

So, since Wednesday is officially a weekday, here are a few weak chicken jokes to help you make it over the hump. (Short girl and short person approved, the J-Crew likes these!)

Q: What do you get if you cross a chicken with a cement mixer?
A:  A brick layer

Q:  Why did the chicken get sent to the principal's office?
A:  He was using fowl language.

Q: Why does a chicken coup only have two doors?
A: Because, if it had four it would be a chicken sedan.

Q:  Why did the chicken cross the road, roll in the mud, and then cross the road again?
A:  Because, he was a dirty double-crosser!

The determined chicken went to the middle of the road. That's right, it was time to lay it on the line!

The healthiest chickens all drive free Range Rovers.

Knock, Knock
   Who's there?
  Bach who?
Bach, Bach, I'm a chicken!

Q:  Which side of a chicken has more feathers?
A: The outside

Q:  Why did the chicken join the band?
A:  Because, he had a great set of drumsticks.

Q:  Why did the chicken cross the basketball court?
A:  The referee kept calling fowls.

A man decided to start a chicken farm and bought 10 chicken to get started. A week later he bought another 20 and another 30 the week after that. When his friend asked how his chicken farm was coming along the man replied, "Not one of them has grown yet. I wonder if I'm planting them too deep?"

A first grade teacher was telling her students the story of "Chicken Little." She got to the part when Chicken Little ran up to the Farmer saying, "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." Like every good teacher, she asked her students to predict what would happen next.  Eager Emily quickly raised her hand and the teacher called on her. Emily said, "The farmer said, Holy Cow, a talking chicken!"

One of my favorite chicken lines that Truth-in-Love Friend often says to me, Jennifer-of-Many-Words:
I hear you clucking, big chicken.
This last one can serve as both a joke and a fantastic pick-up line that I would like to recommend to my favorite single brother....
Q:  Why did the rooster cross the road? (I don't know, why?)
A:  He wanted to meet a good looking chick.
Q:  Knock-knock.  (Who's there)?
A:  Rooster ;)
So, let's see if you can get the J-Crew to crack up???  Share your favorite chicken joke in the comments, but not until you join the song and shake your tail feathers.... 

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